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Thursday, January 7, 2010

When cooking, follow your own taste. When baking, follow directions.

For a few years I've wanted to start a blog to share my perspective on the culinary scene in San Francisco and beyond. So here it goes--I am not an expert so I'll start simply!

The holidays were exhausting what with cooking for both Christmas eve (cioppino) and dinner on the 25th (mangalitsa roast) and hosting a New Year's dance party with fondue. Survived to live another year! The mangalitsa from Wooly Pig was amazing. I'll do a separate post with a few pics and a recipe.

Eats: Just tried the chicken porridge this morning at Out the Door--around the corner from my place. I thought it might be slimy -- but no, it was savory and comforting. I'll go back when I have a jones for this for sure.

Coming up: The Fancy Food Show is coming up in a week and I can't wait to taste what's new and catch up with friends and colleagues. Since I am a cheese fiend, I'll definitely spend some time tasting at Fresca Italia, Cheese Works, Redwood Hill, Cowgirl Creamery and the International Halls.

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